The Inter-A Student Society was incorporated under the Society Act on April 21, 1989. The Society was initially formed according to it’s constitution ‘to enhance and promote the educational opportunities for Inter-A students through the raising of funds.’ Over the years, the Society has continued to raise funds to provide the unique experiences, particularly outside of the schoolroom environment, which Inter-A students are offered through this program. In the past, these have included the Marine Studies and Training Program and the Outdoor Leadership Training at Newcastle Island, as well as the annual Retreat and many multicultural field trips and celebrations organized throughout the year.

Society members (parents, students, and teaching team of Inter-A) also work together to suggest and discuss new and innovative ways to enhance and promote the educational opportunities for the students. The Directors of the Society are elected and appointed at the Annual General Meeting in June of each year. Society Directors, teaching team representatives, and members of the Student Executive meet regularly as a group, currently on the second Tuesday of each month. All members of the Society are invited to attend monthly Society meetings to discuss and organize fundraising events and other activities for the students and families of Inter-A. Your ideas and participation are very welcome.

As well as belonging to the Inter-A Student Society, parents of Inter-A students are also valued members of the Kwantlen Park Parent Advisory Committee (PAC). Parent input at the regular monthly PAC meetings is greatly appreciated, and volunteers are needed for many Kwantlen Park activities, including Dry Grad. Parents will find that attending school meetings and participating in school events are a great way to keep up to date on school activities and stay involved in their children’s lives.

Please join us at our next meeting to find out more and to share your ideas with us. We welcome all Inter-A families, Kwantlen Park Secondary administration, and interested persons to attend.