Leadership Courses

Students in grades 8 and 9 participate in the Choice program. This course allows students the opportunity to lead their own 30 minute class on a topic of their own interest.
Choice classes allow students to learn about topics outside of the standard curriculum and provides a chance for grade 8 and 9 students to recognize the passions and interests of their peers.

Genius Hour
Grade 10 students are expected to create a Passion Project, which will be completed over the course of several months, as a part of their Genius Hour class, which will replace Choice in their schedule. This project allows students the opportunity to pursue and study a passion and how they can positively impact their community or themselves as a result of studying their passion.
Genius Hour is the transition course from Choice to the Inter-A leadership course called CSL.

CSL stands for Choice, Service, and Leadership; it is the senior (grade 11 and 12) leadership course that occurs simultaneously with Choice and Genius Hour blocks.
Senior students are encouraged to collaborate with others to plan a wide range of activities that will benefit the program and community. Service options for junior students are brainstormed, P.E. and Fine Arts options are discussed, and festivals for the entire program are planned in this class.