Field Studies

Field studies, both local and international, are an integral part of the program.

Three Sizes of Field Trips
At Inter-A, we handle field trips a little differently. They come in three sizes:

  • Day Trips: A trip to learn about sea life at the Vancouver Aquarium; or the Playhouse; or explore a forest ecosystem.
  • Overnight: Three or four days in length. The most important being our annual fall Retreat.
  • Overseas: Trips to other countries. Past excursions have traveled to France, Italy & Greece.

We have a few annual field trips in Inter-A. The Retreat is our three day fall trip to Camp Sunrise  in September. The Retreat is intended to help returning students mingle with the new students, for everyone to make new friends, and explore and develop leadership skills.

Quebec Exchange
Inter-A often participates in an exchange on non-Europe years. Students travel to Quebec and are hosted by a student and their family there. They later host the same student here in BC, group activities and sight-seeing are always on the itinerary. Available to grad level (grade 10-12) students, the trip provides an opportunity to experience other parts of our country.

Class Related
We like to tie excursions right into our classes. Here are some we’ve had in the past:

  • Biology: SFU, UBC and Vancouver Aquarium where students view organisms studied in Biology 11
  • Culture: Chinatown, temples, churches, mosques and markets
  • Fine Arts: Vancouver Art Gallery, Architectural Institute of BC
  • Earth Science/Geography: Intrusive vulcanism, stream morphology, mountain building, even volcanoes!
  • Food: Granville Island
  • Live Theatre: Vancouver Playhouse, Bard on the Beach
  • Science: Science world, Burrard Inlet, Mt. Garibaldi
  • Social Studies: Victoria Legislature, the Royal BC Museum