The Inter-A Component

In Inter-A, students work in three unique focus areas that together form the Inter-A Component. The work in these focus areas help students learn how to develop leadership skills, contribute to the community, and to set and achieve goals for themselves.

Student Led Seminars and Leadership – Choice
From Grades 8-9, students with interest or expertise in a curricular-related area may offer to run seminars for their peers. Students either offer or attend up to ten seminars or classes, ranging in a wide variety of subjects, every six weeks. Students in grades 10-12 work on initiating their own projects within the program, school or community.

Community Service Learning/Volunteering – Service
Students participate in Community Service activities both within the school and in the larger community. Ten hours of volunteer work are expected to be completed every six weeks. Many opportunities are present to help the students achieve these hours, such as window painting in school and volunteering at local soup kitchens in the community.

Student Learning Plans – CPP
Students learn to set and achieve appropriate goals for themselves by involving their parents, teachers, and peers.