Inter-A operates as a separate program within the school. Students have all their classes with other Inter-A students and teachers. The school year is divided into six units of about six weeks each. Intermediate students will alternate between science and humanities based units. Math, French, PE, and Art are taught at a linear pace.


In place of traditional separate English and Social Studies classes, Inter-A takes a more integrated and interactive approach to literature, history, geography and social issues. All provincially set learning outcomes are met through a range of teaching strategies and activities.

Intermediate students explore chemistry, biology, ecology, astronomy, and physics both in class and through laboratory activities and field trips. There is opportunity for motivated students to share the results of their own knowledge and research with their peers. Group work and projects are also emphasized.

Grade 12 courses
Students preparing for post secondary entrance take a wide variety of senior level courses that often include:

Biology 12, Chemistry 12, Community Service and Leadership 12, Comparative Civilizations 12, English 12, Fine Arts 12, French 12, Geography 12, History 12, Law 12, Literature 12, Physical Education 12, and Physics 12. Courses are offered based on student interest.

The language of instruction in Inter-A is English. Some ESL (English as a second language) support is available; however, most students have a good working knowledge of English. Inter-A is a diverse program. Students and teachers speak dozens of different languages at home and occasionally in the classroom! French is offered as a second language.